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Recipe: Puff Pastry Braid with Chocolate for Chocolate Week

I am sure that the week from the 9th of October to the 15th of October will be one of the favourite ones in any foodie calendar. It will be Chocolate Week and for this occasion I've prepared  a very quick and no fuss cake that can be whipped up in 1 hour from preparing it to baking it.
The ingredients are cupboard staples that in case of a sudden visit, this dessert can be prepared  lovely to see and delicious to eat next to a fragrant cup of tea or better a creamy cup of hot chocolate. The main ingredient is the chocolate and here I've used four small bars of Sea Salt and Dark ChocolateFairtrade Chocolate & Love, but you can use two of the normal size and the flavour you prefer. Then a roll of Puff Pastry from Tesco, one yolk from the St. Ewe Free Range rich yolk eggs for a nice yellow colour and some raspberry Sugar from Fortnum & Mason, but any granulated sugar will do.
Put the puff pastry, leaving it on its oven paper, on a oven tray. Put the four bars of Chocolate…

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